Why so absurd?

What can I say… Is there any way to describe how I feel right now? How do I make this sound good? Is there a better way to say it? Well, I don’t know. I just feel like letting it all out in my damn boring blog. And wow, THIS actually exist. I forgot about blogging for ever. And it actually makes me feel better, really, like no one could. *deep sigh* Damn, WordPress. Doing good.

Huh, I sound so awful.. and helpless. Oh, don’t want to be like this, please. 😦 So, bear with me.

The real reason behind my unfavorably unexpected post is that I’m in so much hate right now. Oh geez. Did I just say that?! Uh-oh, this is so not me. But as much as I know how bad it is to hate, I’m going to be brave enough to say this. I hate this kind of weather! It’s making me ill. It’s a murderer. It’s murdering my sanity. Ugh. IT IS effin’ HOT. I mean, you define ‘Hot’. Like, literally. It does so much bad things to each of us. It could make you sweat like crazy and make you crazy at the same time (look what happened to me); it destroys ones freshness (please just understand even if you cannot. thanks!); could ruin your makeup, hair, and even smell (you’d die if you smell my underarms right now haha I’m kidding of course); it also causes skin injury, right? What I’m trying to impose here is that, when you are not exercising or spending time inside a sauna, would you like to sweat more than a lot? No one would. So, you see. It’s PLAIN TORTURE. Hot weather IS a torture to every human being on Earth as small as me and as thin as me. I don’t have any fats left to burn. I don’t need the rest of my skin to be tanned. and I’m going crazy. Oh men, I AM CRAZY. This just made my mood go bad. I feel like I’m inside a microwave oven on an extreme heat! Phew. My room is not air-conditioned, so that’s what makes it worst. I could go to the other room that is air-conditioned but I need privacy when I’m online.. and blogging. Lol, I just feel like I badly need to release all this tension arising from the bottom of my soul as I suffer this heat in my country.

So, that’s just it. Just saying how worst this weather is, which only boils down to one thing that has caused this absurdity to arise in me … Global warming. And if you expect me to define or discuss what the heck is that, oh no, sorry to disappoint you. Not in the mood for that. Lol. Maybe what I should do now is to just accept this and look at the ‘bright side’ of this huh? Be positive huh. Lol. Well, yesss. That won’t be hard to do. So, what is the advantage of this killing weather again? Hmm. Is there such thing? Hmm. Oh. Yeah. Lol. I have thought of one. But please don’t laugh (or unfollow me lol). It’s just… I guess *laughs*… If I had been experiencing this hell-like heat weather for the rest of my life, maybe God would think that it would be fair if He’d end me up being with Him at the Heavens after death because I assume it is cold there. Hahahaha. *lmao*

You hate me now, don’t you? -_- I think I better sleep.


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