Hello, WordPress.com!

Hello, WordPress.com! My name is Shiara Niña Nicdao Rumbaua also known as Shy Rumbaua. So, that is how I introduce myself to you.

It is my first time here and your site looks pretty cool. I feel home. I feel safe. I feel like I found my best friend. I read a lot about you in my favorite magazines and sites. They keep saying that you are the “most feature-rich blogging service out there” and something like, “if you choose WordPress, you are in good company”. I find it inviting and exciting, and that makes me sign up. Well, actually, not just because of their inviting words. I have reasons. Lots of it.

I was in 8th grade when I started writing. Ever since I started doodling my thoughts in my notebook and writing poems, I knew I needed a blog, I needed you. In reality, there is really no one we could share our thoughts every now and then. That could really bother someone. But my mind keeps constructing new thoughts and I never want to be tagged as chatty or talkative so I decided to write these thoughts and new-found passion that I encounter in life. I would have to buy a Diary or a Journal for me to let it all out. But technologies nowadays made things easier for us. You were born in 2003 and I am personally thanking Candy magazine for endorsing you to me. Now I know where to go when I feel like expressing my Thoughts, Passions, and anything I encounter in my Life.

As of today, I am very much counting on you, WordPress

More new posts from me soon. 🙂



Shy Rumbaua


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