My day started so bad. A lot has happened and I was consumed with so much hostility. I began questioning God why everything got worse and worse…
Then I snapped. I was screaming, hurting myself, being very violent, I wasn’t thinking. I let anger control me. I was impulsive. I say what I don’t mean and it got worst.
I cried. Cried.
A lot of crazy ideas came into my mind. Suicide. Running away. Name it…
But there’s one small voice that’s been fighting off to be heard. “Talk. It may be the hardest but it’s very important.”
So I grab my courage and talked to them…
I heard what I need to hear, what I need to understand all this time… It all came to me like an answer to my questions.
I asked forgiveness and I was forgiven.
Then it all finally make sense.
God is great.

I know this is not as detailed as it should be. I just really wanna make this brief. I will edit it tomorrow. Just wanna share what Talking (really talk from the heart) could do and how it could fix everything. I know, I didn’t emphasize… But it’s there. 🙂